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In preparing lessons and reading material for my CCD class, I realized there were some things I could be sharing on my blog as well and then some.  I am so excited to add a new page to this site entitled CATHOLIC FAITH FORMATION. I hope it works to inform, enlighten and debunk confusion and misconceptions.  I’m still developing the page and will continue to add information as it comes to me.  I have yet to decide what limits I will place on the information I add but rest assured that my intention is to share LOTS so check back often. I am also adding new titles to my Recommended Reading page so please check it out.

We all have a direct connection to this world’s healing


Healing our world!

Did you ever think YOU could do something about the world we live in?  If you have, like me, you were probably immediately discouraged by the realization that you are just one person in this huge world.  The truth is we have a place in this world for a reason.   We owe it to our world to take small steps toward healing it.  So today, I’m sharing the words of Pope Benedict XVI and hope you are encouraged and inspired.

It’s true we may not live to see the difference we’ve made.  However, we must remember that every little bit counts.   Every little bit we do can help change the world’s trajectory.  The world seems to be on a downward spiral and we’re traveling there fast.  I wonder if it’s because we’re taking a passive role in society.  I wonder if it’s because most of us believe there’s nothing we can do.   Pope Benedict’s words remind us of something quite simple we can do.  It may even be something we do already.

So let’s make a CONSCIOUS effort to do our part!  God bless you!

“Our first duty, therefore, precisely in order to heal this world, is to be holy, configured to God; in this way we emanate a healing and transforming power that also acts on others, on history. . . In this regard, it us useful to reflect that the Twelve Apostles were not perfect men, chosen for their moral and religious irreproachability. They were indeed believers, full of enthusiasm and zeal but at the same time marked by their human limitations, which were sometimes even serious. Therefore Jesus did not call them because they were already holy, complete, perfect, but so that they might become so, so that they might thereby also transform history, as it is for us, as it is for all Christians.”
— Pope Benedict XVI, p. 45, an excerpt from Take Five

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